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Sunday, April 6, 2014

indian people health awareness

Hello friends,
 As a person from medical field and a lot search in this field , i personally found that there is one way to prevent serious medical illness.
 In India,today also, people are not aware about their health.    
What the main problem in India is people became own doctor. That's really ridiculous.

It has been found in one survey that death rate in India due to various diseases are too much high compared to people of U.S.A. with respect to same age .


In India now a days people are well educated. so it's not about ill literacy. But the main problem is, people are not still well aware about preventive measures of any diseases.  And many times they are aware but doing wrong thing such as taking medicines on own suggestion , take advise of non medico person, believing in super natural powers for curing disease condition.


There are many ways to prevent sudden rise of any serious condition. And it has been always said that prevention is always better than cure. so by following some common and easy rules in life , our health would be better.....

(1) Never under estimate your common health problems such as Chronic headache . It's a common symptom after 50 . such chronic headache may be the sign of chronic and persistently high blood pressure. By avoiding headache or taking own medicines,  underlying blood pressure continues to rise and finally some day high blood pressure results in brain hemmorhage . 

(2) Always prefer right adviser. it has been found that in India 40-50 % people are taking medicines by taking advice of pharmacist, nursing   person, even neighbors also.. so this type of practice may endanger your life . so always prefer to go proper person such as M.D or any specialist ..

(3) After age of 50 it's really mandatory to check for blood pressure,sugar level, cholesterol level etc. and take advice and action according to specialist guidance.

(4) Always prefer good nutritive food and practice proper hygiene .

(5) proper immunization of under 10 year children .

(6) Do not hesitate to visit doctor. many times people don't like to visit doctor , because of some belief , shame or other reasons.. this is really bad thing. If our bike is not running properly then we have to go to mechanic.Same way, if we have any problem related health, we must visit doctor .

 This is my intention to make people more and more aware about health. If you like this than please share it with your friends....

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