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Thursday, April 10, 2014



today i would like to talk something about our diet...

What you say whether non veg is better or veg?

  According to experts view non veg diet people have more of having health problems such as obesity,heart disease,diabetes etc..

So more and more people now moving towards vegetable diet.It's also interesting that in some uropean country people have started campaigning to swift over veg diet .

where we are?

contrary to foreign changes, Asian and African country have increased demand for non veg diet. Because of this , it would be a major issue of discussion and make  people aware.

This diet changes lead to many serious problems in our next what foreign people are suffering we might be next one if this type of diet practice continues.

EGG should be eaten or not?

Of course egg must be eaten!!!!!
 Because of it's high nutritive value and high protein content,egg is advisable by dr. for people need good nutrition.

milk ??
 It is also highly recommended specially for growing children. it contains high amount protein,vitamins and minerals except vit.c and iron.

Demerits of non veg diet..

(1- problem of obesity much more

(2- increased risk of heart disease , blood pressure etc

(3- alssso low levels of certain vitamins and minerals

(4- chances of acquiring infection through chicken like bird flu..

(5- question of hygiene _ ther is always a query in mind about hygiene of person maintaining non veg food..

(6- in some areas due to lack of proper storage environment , non veg food may be infected


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